Sunday, August 25, 2013

August 24th, 2013

So my P-days are Saturdays right now... Well. This has been an exciting couple of days. I know in my letter I said that I wouldn't receive mail until next week but we got it yesterday so start sending more :) Thank you so much for the bear and postcards.I am going to try and write abby back some time today. If I can find the time.
So... I have some big news... shocking actually... you're writing the new Sister Training Leader! Yup, I am like the girl zone leader. It is me and two elders so I am over about 17 other sisters. It is super scary! I can't believe they chose me! I thought it was gonna be this other sister. Well, I start that calling tomorrow and then I get released in a week. I got my travel plans. My flight is on Wednesday SEP 4 and my flight is at 9:15 in the morning. So expected me to call you pretty early :)
Well the MTC is AMAZING!!! the food is gross but everything else is great! I am in west campus so I am staying in these nice apartments but I don't think I will see sister grant at all. which makes me sad. But it's ok. I have been doing well in the MTC. I know more than I thought I knew and I am a more loving person than I thought. My companion is Sister Chapa. She is from Payson, Utah. But more than half my zone is from Utah. I'm pretty sure everyone here is from Utah pretty much. But she is super sweet, I adore her. She is from Utah. Like pretty much everyone here. :) We are a lot a like so we get along great. She is so strong and loving and I am learning so much from her already. I cannot wait to see what happens this next week. I have picture with her but I forgot my camera cord to get my pictures on the computer so that will be interesting... if you could find it and send it to me that would be awesome! it is probably in the bottom drawer of my night stand? good luck :)
Well I have so much more that I want to write but I am already late for class and I have to go get my laundry. I am sorry. I would love to hear from you guysI want dear elders and letters.I understand why people like letters more. Well I will try writing you soon. Please forward this to abby. I don't have her email. Sorry again that it is so short. I hopefully can write more next week.
I love you,
Sister Shaw

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