Friday, February 27, 2015

Great WEEK

This has been a CRAZY week. But so great.

Monday: We had a ton of snow but I got some great experience driving in it. :)

Tuesday: I had an exchange with Sister Corbridge. We had a great time here in Hebron. We came out together and it has been so much to be around her. She is an AMAZING missionary. I have learned so much from her.

Wednesday: We were still tromping through the snow to get to people's house.... They just need to shovel their driveways.... actually we just need to buy shovels so we can do it for them, great service idea right? :)

Thursday: we had a great lessons with our investigators. I am teaching the most wonderful people. I just love them.

Friday: We found a family that we are going to see tonight :)

Saturday: NUTS! It snowed SOOO much!! SO MUCH! I think they said we got 8 inches.... man. But we were not going to push our baptism back. So our investigator was baptized. Many people had to get pushed out of the snow but it happened!
Sister Syndergaard and I probably pushed like 7 cars out of the snow because they were stuck and we had to get ours several times.
it was also suppose to be our social media split... yeah.... that didn't happen... haha. At least for us. All of our plans kinda dropped out. Oh well. Next time for sure!

Sunday: Barbara is officially the newest member of the Hebron ward! So awesome! :)

Even though there was a TON of snow this week, we did it! We survived. I didn't kill us! :)

1.Barb :)
2. Barb and Brother Muse
3. sister Corbridge!

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Happy Valentines Day!!

Another great week! I guess every week in the mission is great though. I just love being a missionary. This week we saw many miracles and blessings. 

Tuesday: We had exchanges with the Cincinnati Sisters. They both came to Hebron and worked with for the day. It was so great to be with them. I love them so much! 

Wednesday: We had to do some training at District meeting on the Doctrine of Christ. The Doctrine of Christ is so AMAZING! It is everything! It is how we do anything. I wish I could jsut tell you everything I know but that would take me a lot longer than the time I have. 

Thursday: We had to go out to Lawrenceburg, Indianna to do the same training for a different District. 

Friday: We had to go back out to Lawrenceburg to move the Sister's into another apartment. 

Saturday: Valentine's day we had a fondue night with some member's of our ward for dinner. It was super fun! I also got a GREAT package from mom and abby! SO funny! 

Sunday: Another great day at church! I felt the Spirit so strong! It was just a great day. 

Today: SNOW! So much snow! haha. It just keeps coming. :) 

Excited for this week! We have baptism coming up this Saturday! Also a social media split. look up the hastags #mormon and #socialmediasplit hopefully you will see some pics on Saturday! :) 

Have a great week! I love you! 

Sista Shaw

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Crazy it is what we do!

​Man, oh man. I wish I knew where to even start. I think I might just walk you through this week.

Monday: After P-day, all of our appointments fell through... Great... haha.

Tuesday: We had an AMAZING zone conference! My last one. I learned so much from President Porter. I am so grateful for him. He teaches us so much and I always want to improve after I leave a meeting with him. After zone conference, we have an exchange with some of our Sisters. I was with SIster Alley. She has been out for like 3 weeks I think. It is crazy to see her just starting this AMAZING journey  while I am ending it. I think that is why Heavenly Father placed us here together and I get to work so closely with her. she is awesome and she is going to do so many amazing things.

Wednesday: We finished the exchange and we had so many miracles. We talked to 2 families that we had never been able to because they were never interested but they were that day! And it finally snowed like an inch that night.

Thursday: We had a grace member present lesson. Our investigator texted us and told not to  come by because she was tired but we didn't get it and went over and she let us in. :)

Friday: Busy planning day.

Saturday: We found 2 new investigators. They were kids of our investigator and they want to learn about Family History. So cool. Family History is such a cool tool. I love family history!

Sunday: Another grace filled day! We found 2 more investigators, one of which was at 8:45 at night. It was crazy awesome!

This was just an amazing week. Heavenly Father really came through for us. I know we can see miracles every day if we involve Heavenly Father DAILY! Call down His grace. Ask for His help. He wants to help us, I know He will.
I love you all! Have an amazing week!
Sister Shaw

1. Sister Alley and I after exchanges
2. Sister Syndergaard and I getting cupcakes
3. I feel in love with Heavenly Frosted cupcakes! Yes, that is the name of the store! Heavenly!

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

FINAL countdown

​Well, this has been another good week. We had Misison Leadership Council which was AWESOME as always. I am just so grateful for President and Sister Porter and how inspired they are.
But the miracle of this week. It was a blessing. So, so far this transfer SIster Syndergaard and I have been having a hard time finding. We are doing everything it takes to find but nothing seems to be working. :/ So it came down to Sunday and we needed 4 lessons and 3 new investigators.
I am not gonna lie, I was pretty frustrated. I felt like nothing was working or happening. I was done. But of course, my awesome companion got me to keep trying so I did. Between 5 and 6pm on Sunday we found 3 new investigators and had taught 4 lessons. It was COMPLETE 100% grace of God. Not only did that happen but 1 of these investigators seems really excited. They are coming to church this week and just want to know more. It was crazy. The grace of God is real! I know that is comes after all that we can do!
2 Nephi 25: 23
I hope you all have a great week!
Love ya!


This has been a week to remember! Probably the craziest week of my entire life!

To start off, My new companion is Sister Syndergaard. Syn-der-gaard. haha. not snydergaard. :) She is just so wonderful. She is an INCREDIBLE missionary. She is such a hard worker and we just laugh all the time. I love her to pieces already!

So this week has been nuts. We can not have a normal day for the life of us! It is crazy! We just go about the work like normal and just crazy random things happen! haha. :) Like we gave a pass-along card to a cop, we stopped a bunch of teenage boys playing football and we invited them all to be baptized, and we have had several awkward run ins with members. It has just been crazy fun.

But the thing that is getting us through this week is the Book of Mormon. We are a little of obsessed with the Book of Mormon. We found the Book of Mormon on CD in our car so we have been listening to it. We have been telling everyone about the Book of Mormon. We have been sharing only Book of Mormon scriptures with people. It is kind of crazy. But awesome. The power of the Book of Mormon is so real. Every time we listen to it we see miracles. We won't get out of the car with out listening to it! I love the Book of Mormon. I know it gives us to the power to do all things!

Read the Book of Mormon! Read every chance you get and I PROMISE that if you do, it will make you happier. That is a 100% guarantee!

love ya'll! Have a great week!

p.s. Happy Birthday Mom and Dad!

Sister Shaw