Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Half way mark!!!!!

Hello again from the beautiful Cincinnati Ohio! :)
It has been another nice week of sunshine here in Cherry Grove. The miracles happened :) We have 3 investigators! :) I am so happy about that. We found 1 last week and 2 yesterday. This transfer has been a true test of my faith and patience so far. We are trying and I know it will work out. It reminds me a lot of Kettering and West Chester when they started out but it will grow. :) 
This last week was fun, I had exchanges last tuesday, and we have been getting to know the ward and just laughing together really. But yesterday was just INCREDIBLE! :) Yesterday as a mission, we found 234 NEW INVESTIGATORS! It was a miracle! My zone found 50 new investigators! It was so cool. My district and another district went to a park and drew out a HUGE plan of Salvation and then went out and TALK TO EVERYONE! We had a companionship find 12 new investigators yesterday! It was amazing! I have never seen so many miracles in one day. 
It is amazing to be a missionary. To see the Lord's hand in my life and other people's life daily! I can see His hand in EVERYTHNG. If you can't see His hand, then you look harder. I can promise that each of us receive His hand and are his hands EVERY SINGLE DAY! Look for the miracles! See what Heavenly Father is willing to do for you when you do his will. Heavenly Father loves us all and I can bear testimony of that. I know That Christ is my Savior and Redeemer and he stepped up to the plate because I needed him, you needed him, everyone needed Him. I will testify of that forever. I know that it is only through Jesus Christ and that we can look forward with hope in every new day. If I did not have Him on my right hand and on my left, I would not be here today. I am grateful for the blessing of the Atonement and the chance that I have to start over everyday. Heavenly Father wants us all to return to Him, what are we doing today to make sure that everyone possible is going to make it? 
I love you all and I hope you all have a great day! 
Sister Shaw

Monday, May 19, 2014

New Area.....And 9 MONTHS!!!!

NEW Address.......
4 arbor cir #419
Cincinnati Oh 45255

WOW! This week is my half way mark! I cannot believe it! I am going to hit 9 months on wednesday! CRAZY! :)
Well. I guess everyone is wondering where I am... :) I am in the Cherry Grove ward. It is in Cincinnati and we have 3 sets of missionaries in this ward. Out of 6 missionaries, only 2 stayed so yes that means that Sister Fausett and I were "doubled in". So it has been an interesting week.
Before I get into what this area is like, I want to say what my companion is like. She is 19 from Eagle Mountain, Utah. She has been out for 5 months and has served in Hunnington, Indiana (Fort Wayne area). She is soooo sweet and like to do German Long sword fighting. :) She calls herself a nerd. She is just too cute. I love her to death already!
But yes. My area is a 10 minute drive from where we live haha. We live like right next to the other sisters in our ward, Sister Burton (Stayed here and has been out for 3 months) and Sister Lewis (She came from Middletown, was in my last zone, and I came out with her:)). So it fun to have them close. We work out with them in the morning and stuff. Fun stuff. Our area is very hilly with TONS of beautiful large green trees. and the houses here are pretty huge! There is a reds baseball player that lives in my area so that kinda explains how much money is here haha. So we have a lot of work to do here... we came in with 0 investigators and still haven't found any. It is definitely going to be hard but I know Sister Fausett and I are going to change this place!
I know because we fasted and we are learning A LOT about faith! We read Ether 12:6. After the trial of our faith we will be rewarded :) I know this is going to be awesome because of my faith in Jesus Christ.
I hope you all have a great week! I love you!
Sister Shaw

Monday, May 12, 2014


So... Yes. I am getting Transferred! I am so sad to leave Kettering. This feels like my home. I don't know how to do missionary work without it. :( But it is going to be a good adventure.
Well. In other news. I had a good week :) We FINALLY reached double digit member presents. haha. yup 10 member presents this week. It was awesome. We also got 2 of our investigators to church this week. One is this guy who has been coming for a month now. That is always a good thing :) and then the other is a kid who is 15. He walked to church and then after 20 minutes he left because the talks inspired him to go do something nice for his mom. It was cool to see that church inspired him to do something. He promised also that he would stay the whole time this next week. But yeah. Our investigators are awesome and I am sad to leave them. :(
Well. I hope you all have a good week. We will see what is going to happen next week! :)
Sister Shaw
p.s. I am dying my hair dark today. Hopefully it turns out :)

Sister side note.......Yesterday we got to skype with Sister Shaw.  She looks so happy and is truly enjoying her mission! She thanks everyone for the prayers on her behalf and all the support she has been given.  She sends her love to everyone!!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014


This has been another hard working week. I guess every week is a hard working week though haha. :) We had a lot of success this week though. Sister Anderson is just such a hard worker so it helps me want to do the same.
We found a lot this week, and we taught a lot this week. We just did a lot this week. It was fantastic. I am happy and satisfied with my work so I know the Lord is also. That is an incredible feeling :)
We are still working a lot of investigators and trying to get them to come to church. We haven't had too much success with all of that but hey. If I am trying my best, I will have the grace of the Lord. :)
This week I have really been working on the importance of the Book of Mormon. We have these DVDs of our mission President going through the first couple of verses in the Book of Mormon and how much they have to offer. It is INSANE! I love it. So I have been reading the book of Mormon and asking myself after every verse, why did Mormon put that scripture in the Book of Mormon for me? What does this verse have to offer me. So I am just going to say that... that has been incredible help! :)
Well... other than that... transfers are next week so send letters to the mission office :) Don't know if I will be staying or going :) I have only been here for 6 months :)
love you!
Sister Shaw