Monday, November 25, 2013

Week 14......

Well.... it is transfers week and....
I AM GETTING TRANSFERED!!! I got the call this morning that I am getting transfered and that I am also training. So I going to be opening a new area with a new missionary... just in time for the holidays. It was been hard for sister webb and I. We have both been crying. Sister Webb is one of my best friends now. I really really don't want to leave her but the Lord needs me somewhere else. I am soooo nervous. I am actually completely freaking out. I wish I could explain to you how inadequate I feel to be in this position. There are lots of sisters that have been out longer than I have that aren't getting transfered or training. I guess God knows I can handle it.
But anyway. This was a good week again. I went on an exchange to hamilton on wednesday. That was fun. I was in a threesome for the first time. I was with Sister Beeson (She came out with me but she is a visa waiter.) and Sister Origer (She came out the transfer before me). I love them both. Sister Beeson and I decided that we are going on a study of broad together to Europe, fall 2015. So Ill be saving for that when I get home :) That was pretty much the only thing that happened this week. We didn't meet with Sierra or Sherry this week. But we are going to stop by them tonight since I am leaving and I can get some pictures with them and say goodbye. I feel so rushed. I just want to say goodbye to everyone here. I love this ward. I am very said to leave it.
Wish me luck this next week. And write me letters. I didn't get any letters this last week so that made it hard. Ill be sending you my new address tomorrow on my letters this. I love you all and I hope you all have a fantastic week.
Oh and yes I got the warm package. I loved it. The dancing turkey is sooo great. He sits on my study desk. I named him Jerry. I love the head band too. So cute! Perfect timing too! It has been 22 degrees here for like the past 2 days. Not fun. But yeah. Those tights are AWESOME too! I love them! :)
I love you

Monday, November 18, 2013

Week 13!!

Hey hey!
Yes I did receive my boots. I loved them. They are GREAT!!! I wear them everyday. :) They fit!
Yesterday was pretty freaky for me. We had tornado warnings all day and we were at a members home around 6 and the tornado sirens went off so we had to go down to the basement. Nothing happened thank goodness but I was totally freaked out! haha. Oh well. It was cool. I survived my first almost tornado.
This has been a super hard week. Our knees pretty much got taken out by Satan. We basically only have one investigator as of right now because the rest of them won't talk to us. Sierra is off date, Sarah dropped us, Sherry disappeared (Maybe in the hospital), Bekah is still super sick with lupis and has memory loss, and Hillary disappeared also. Our only investigator is Lois Watson right now and she is totally awesome. She is so sweet and she is ready to read the book of mormon on a spiritual level (She has read it before). She also said that she would be baptized if she came to know it was true! Super awesome :) But yeah. It is going to be a week of finding and helping Lois. We aren't leaving our other investigators alone quiet yet. Especially Sierra.
I know Bubba. I didn't know he went on a mission.. He graduated the same year as me but from Great oak. Last I heard about it he was in San Franscico?
Im glad you are excited for thanksgiving. Transfers are the tuesday before thanksgiving so I don't even know if I will be here. I could be somewhere else. That'll be interesting. For christmas all I really want are garments. Ill send you my size in my letter :) haha.
Sorry this is so short. I have pictures this week though :) Hopefully Ill have time to send them!
I love you!
SIster Shaw

First snow of the year!!

McDonalds for LUNCH!!!

Deer in the middle of someone's yard while tracting.....

Getting ready for winter...NEW boots!!

They FIT!! Thank goodness for online shopping and a sister with the same size foot!!
 The Sister Webb only had three legs!

Monday, November 11, 2013

Week 12

Thank you so much for sending me boots! These boots are almost done for. haha. I have two HUGE holes in them! Yes I got my CDs today! You didn't put an apartment number on them so I didn't get them until I went to the office today to forward letters to people who don't live in our apartment anymore. Thanks for all the notes and stuff. I loved them! :) That's too bad the Elder Esplain has a shy companion. Transfers are in two weeks and I am really afraid that I am going to get transferred. We have almost the entire ward praying that we won't get transferred haha. They love us! which is totally awesome because we got like 3 referrals last week. But two of them were not interested at all! and we haven't talked to the other one yet. Hopefully he will be interested.
I did hear about the typhoon. That is so crazy! Theres a family from our ward or the ward next to us that are mission presidents there and they said that the missionaries are going to be doing a lot of service. haha. Its good that hey have a sense of humor about something scary like that. People keep telling me that these next couple of months are going to be the worst of my life because I am going to be so cold. I pretty much wear my snow coat everywhere already and its not even that cold yet... haha. Im so scared!
My investigators are great though. Atsushi unfortunately dropped us on Friday. He wasn't ready to take it all in yet but I have no doubt that in the future he will be baptized. :) Sierra is now on date for December 21! I am so excited. She came to church yesterday and I think she liked it. Her mom loved it. But yeah. At church yesterday President Porter just happened to show up to our ward along with like 6 stake presidents, and an area authority. After sacrament was over President Porter came down and said hi to us and Sierra and Christie and he also introduced us to the area authority. That was really cool. He introduced us as two of the missions best. :) That made me super happy even though he probably says that to everyone haha. But yeah. I can't remember the area authorities name but he was really nice and him and President Porter seemed very impressed with us. So yeah. Yesterday was a great day. Sherry is doing well. I think she might actually be a progressing investigator. Well, we will see tonight. Hopefully she read and is praying. She's so sweet though. I just love her. I think we can get her to be baptized by the end of the year. Just gotta keep working with her. Bekah is SUPER sick with lupis. She might be going to the hospital soon. That makes me sad. Ive been praying a lot for her. And yeah. that's who I am teaching. Hopefully I will have more people to report next week. :)
I don't think I need anything but thank you mom :) Sister Webb is doing great. Mason is still an great as ever. I love it here! The fall is SOOOOOOOOOOO beautiful. The trees are so bright and wonderful and I got to rake leaves for the first time this week! :)
Well. until next week :) I love you!
I don't miss you!
Sister Shaw

Sister shaw and her investor. 

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Busy Worker Bee.....

I am doing great this week. I FINALLY pushed everything aside and pushed and now I have fully given myself to the Lord. I am even having a hard time right now writing because I feel like I am being unproductive. I have hit an extreme point but it is what I need to do get Mason moving. Mason reminds me of the rancho ward, kinda a dead area. President Porter is really counting on Sister Webb and I to get this area moving. I know I can do it but I have to fully submit myself to the Lord. It is all his will.
How is Elder Esplain doing? That is sad that Elder Pumphrey is leaving. But he'll do great. :) Maybe he'll be training! But yeah. Transfers here aren't until the week of thanksgiving so you can send the boots to my apartment because if not I won't get them until transfers and that's ONLY if Sister Webb or I are getting transfered. So yeah...
Things are going well here though. Sister Webb and I really got kicked into gear on Tuesday at zone conference. We talked to President Porter because we didn't know what to do about Mason and he said that we need to either figure it out or I am pulling you out and that scared me so bad! We have pretty much been sprinting ever since then. But we are really figuring it out.Which is why these last couple of days Satan has been working really hard on Sister Webb and I but we are not giving up. We are making it happen :) But yeah. Our investigators were all having a hard week... thank you Satan but I have no doubt that it is going to get better from here. I am so excited to tell what awesome things that are going to happen this week. I love you so much and I don't miss you at all. Thanks for all that you do :)
Sister Shaw
ps Sorry I don't have any pictures this week. You can look at the zone conference ones :)