Monday, September 30, 2013

September 23rd

Whoops forgot to hit post like week!! sorry is a learning curve!!

Oh mommy it is great to hear from you!
Yeah... well... all of our investigators dropped us this week. We have this 11 year old named Elijah. He wants to be baptized so he'll probably be baptized next month. His family is not very active so we don't know what we are going to do with him yet. Our ward mission leader is going to come with us on Wednesday to help us decide where he is at. Thank goodness for President Guffy (Recently released Stake President). Our bishop right now is actually a counselor in the new stake presidency and the bishop of our ward. He is sooo busy! But this last was bishop appreciation week so we heart attacked him and made him some chocolate chip cookies. 
So funny story! On Wednesday Sister Webb and I were tracting and she ran into two guys that were sales men. We tried to talk to them about the gospel but they were not interested in that. One of them was a minister for a church here... can't remember which one... but we gave him a pass a long card. He took it and asked if Sister Webb's phone number was on it and she was like no and then he started apologizing for no reason. He was like, Oh sorry, I didn't realize you were married! hahaha. Since sister webb only has her left hand, she wears her CTR ring on her left ring finger. She totally got hit on!!! It was sooooo funny! I could not stop laughing! Way too funny! That was a great day!
but yeah, So Friday was a hard day because we planned on tracting our last 2 hours of the day but of course, it POURED rain! We were trying to talk to people while we were soaking wet. Luckily Sister webb had a jacket with a hood and I had an umbrella but no one would answer the door or anything. So that was annoying and really really really hard to love missionary work that night. The next day though, we were TOTALLY blessed by the Lord. We found like 6 potential investigators. It was really cool to see those blessings.
I've been reading my patriarchal blessing a lot and it is so comforting! I feel so blessed and loved everytime I read it. It is such a blessing to have one! So neat! God blesses me so much and I have had so many reconfirmations it is CRAZY! :)
But yeah, so this morning in personal study I was reading in 2 Nephi 27:23. (President Porter gave us the challenge to read it by Thanksgiving and the highlight the godhead in red, miracles in black, and story line in blue. it is a really cool to see how my entire book of Mormon is highlighted. Ill send it home to you when I'm done with it.)
WELL.... I still haven't gotten your package. I hope it didn't get lost. You should friend sister porter on facebook because she takes a lot of pictures so you might be able to find some there. I would like my cds and a sweatshirt I could run in if possible... I don't think I need anything else.
I love you so much! Thank you being so amazing. I am so impressed with all the letters and love I am receiving. I don't miss you at all. Of course. You're the best mom anyone could ever ask for! Sister chapa figured out that we are coming home on the March 5, 2015 transfer! Crazy right! Right before my birthday. Sad I'll Rhys and Grandpa's birthday though!
Well. I love you. Keep spreading the gospel. It is easier than you think :)
Sister Leslie Shaw

Monday, September 16, 2013

Week 3 Ohio

Hey there mama! :)
Yeah I am driving but it is all going well. I am enjoying it. Have fun camping! I am SUPER jealous! Tell everyone that I don't miss them but I will be sending out letters to everyone today hopefully! We get fed a lot! It is really nice. The people here are so great! I guess Mason was voted 7th best place to live? Random I know but it reminds me so much of Temecula! But yeah, it is nice and they are feeding us good food. I told everyone that I am lactose intolerant so I have been great! :) hahaha. but yeah, we make our own lunches :). Oh and good luck in LA! That'll be cool! I have not gotten my package yet. Hopefully sometime this week. But, we got a referral. The bishop's daughter, who is a senior  in high school and super cute and adorable! I love her. Her 2 best friends are going to the local colleges and we taught them once last week and they came to church yesterday! They are so awesome! They want to learn more and they are such miracles! They are so prepared! They are so ready for the gospel. They read 1 nephi 1 and things are looking good! I am really hoping for a baptism this transfer! That would be amazing. But God knows us and our desires. I fasted twice last week to find these 2 girls. I just keep praying that they will get baptized!! So everything is going well. I have some hard days where I just want to go home but I am fighting against that because I know I am suppose to be here. I found a CHIPOTLE here! So excited! I made Sister Webb and I go get some! SOOOO yummy! I loved it! Well. That is pretty much all I have to say. Life in the mission is really hard but when I am teaching it makes it all worth it. I love being a missionary. Keep working on finding people to teach. Tell everyone I love them. Look for a letter from me this week :)
I don't miss you ever! 
Sister Shaw <3 :) 

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Week TWO

Short and sweet and to the point.....Sister Shaw leaves for OHIO on Wednesday!!

Wow! This has been crazy week. Being Sister Training Leader is really hard but this is my last day technically. I am still going to be over the sisters I have been because the new sister training leader ask me to. So I'll still be stressed out! Thank you mom for sending me something for this tuesday. I am so excited! I did get the pictures. They were great. Thank you. Ill be calling you at the airport anytime between 6-830 your time. I sent my Ohio address to Abby in a letter so if you could have her put it on my blog that would be great. I would love more postcards and letters. I miss seeing California. I saw Jeffery R. Holland on campus on monday. I walked like right in front of him and he waved at me. That was pretty AMAZING! Neil L. Anderson also gave us a devotional on Tuesday. It was so awesome. It made me so happy. My new companion is Sister Wheeler. She is really sweet but she is a total tomboy so not the same in that way. But I think she is great. Sometimes she tests me but I think I can handle it. I hope Rhys gets better and I can't wait to hear more about the boys soccer and stuff :)
I dont miss you guys AT ALL!!! 
Sister Shaw