Monday, January 19, 2015

GREAT week bye to the Trio

Well, This was a GREAT week. This was my last week of being in a trio. I am sad to see Sister Chapa and Sister Larsen go but we did have a ton of fun! They will be missed soooo much! I am excited to see what my last 6 weeks has in store for me! I cannot wait!
So this weekend was awesome, we were able to see an 8 year we taught be baptized. Her mom was baptized back in August and asked us to teach her. She was baptized with her 9 year cousin and aunt who the Elders taught. The baptism was so beautiful. The spirit was so strong and so many people came. The support of this ward is amazing and so many people looking into the church came.
I am so grateful to be a missionary. I know that this is the Lord's church on the earth. I am so grateful for the Spirit that testifies these things to me. I love the Lord and will serve Him the very best I can.
Sister Shaw

Monday, January 12, 2015

A McDonalds Miracle

Well, this has been a crazy busy week. So many people to see and so little time.
We had interviews with our mission president on Wednesday which was great as always. That was my last interview with him until I go home!! CRAZY! The time is flying by soooo fast! I love being a missionary and I don't want it to ever stop.
But I want to tell you about a miracle that happened this week. So on Friday we went to a lesson that we were having at McDonalds. So we sat a table and this guy sat not to far away. About 5-10 minutes into the lesson I saw the guy looking at us and I got the strongest impression to go talk to him. So I got a card from my companion Sister Larsen and walked over to him while my companions and the member we were with talked to our investigator. I talked to this guy for probably about 15 minutes and he is just so ready for the gospel. It was so amazing to have Heavenly Father choose to work through me. I am so blessed and he loves me so much.
Heavenly Father will work through you if you let him. It is just as prideful to think that He can't then to think that we don't need Him.
I know this Church is true. I love the gospel of Jesus Christ. It is the power to change.
Sister Shaw

Thursday, January 8, 2015


Well, this has been a very eventful week! :)

So to start off, There was an emergency transfer this week! hah. Crazy right? So what happened was that Sister Brown and I got moved from Lakeside Park. Everything is fine and ok, so don't worry. Sister Brown is not my companion anymore and she is in the Western Hills ward. She is actually working in the Mission Office. A super cool job, I am little jealous :)

Me on the other hand... I was sent to Hebron with Sister Chapa and Sister Larsen. So you guys probably don't remember Sister Chapa, but she was my Companion in the MTC for the first 3 days until we had to get emergency transferred in the MTC as well haha. So Sister Chapa and I are just finishing out the time we didn't get to have in the MTC. :) Sister Larsen actually goes home at the end of the transfer which is crazy.

And there is one last fun fact....
I am a Sister Training Leader now. That is the position that Briar had on her mission if you aren't familiar. It is fun. We have 2 other sets of sisters in our zone that we have stewardship over and they are just great. Actually, just last transfer one of them was my Sister Training Leader. So if you saw pictures from mission Leadership council on FB, that is why I was there. :)

So yeah. This is the fun and exciting news of the week!

my new address is:
2260 Flicker Dr. # 195
Hebron, KY 41048
But remember, transfers are in 2 weeks! :)

Have a great week!

Love ya!