Tuesday, September 23, 2014

13 Months and a new companion!

​Well, I know you all want to hear the exciting news of who my new companion is... But you will have to wait a little bit. :) I want to tell you who else is serving with me. So This week we got a new sister in the zone and a new zone leader. And guess what! They are Sister Anderson and Elder Christensen from Kettering! It has been so fun to have them here! I was in shock when I heard that they were coming here. They both followed me. If you don't remember who they are, Sister Anderson was my 2nd companion in Kettering, and Elder Christensen was in Kettering for 5 of the 6 months I was there. 
But yes, now the real news. My new companion is Sister Porter :) haha. Yes. She is my mission president's niece. She is 19 from Morgan, UT and we just have a great time together. She is just super fun and loves to laugh. We just mess around and have a great time. :) I am sad not to have Sister Fausett with me but I think Sister Porter is a great companion to have right after her. :) I am just happy. Sister Porter is AWESOME and such a hard worker. A lot of good is going to happen here in Cherry Grove with her. 
Well, I hope you all have a great week! 

My new Companion: Sister Porter!!

Bye Sister Fausett......

13 months!!

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