Friday, December 12, 2014

Together for 6 more weeks!!

Wow. Another transfer has flown by! We had a great week to finish it off! :) We had a lot more success this week. Heavenly Father has just really been looking out for Sister Brown and I. We are so blessed. We are also blessed to stay here another 6 weeks! I am so excited to spend Christmas and new years with Sister Brown and here in Lake side park! :) 
The miracle of the week:
This is more of a funny one but great none the less! 
So on Friday or Saturday I got my package from you mom, with M&M's. I was so excited and I put them in the car to munch on while we drive. The car is where we spend most of time because we have to drive a lot to get places. So I put them in there and totally forgot that it wsa going to be fast sunday yesterday. So fast sunday came and the M&M's jsut sat and stared at me ALL DAY! I was so sad that I could eat them but I was not going to let Satan's temptation get the best of me. So I made it to dinner successfully. Keep in mind that we also went and took cookies to come people. Excellent self control if I do say so myself. So I ate a wonderful dinner with my favorite family in the ward when they brought us my favorite thing... dessert! I took one of the small chocolate cookies and died. The miracle is that I didnt actually die! :D no just kidding.... So as Sister Brown was about to take a cookie she noticed something.. a nut. Thats when everything came to a stand still. SHE IS ALLERGIC TO TREE NUTS! (Imagine this next sentence in slow motion) So I slapped the cookie out of her hand! ok... That didnt realy happen but it would have been funny. So Sister Brown couldnt eat the cookie, no dessert for her. So we made it back to our car when I remembered that I had M&M's! So, there it is, a true Christmas miracle! Thank you mother for loving me enough to send M&M's that my companion could eat for dessert yesterday!
Hope you all had a great week! 
I love you! 
Sister Shaw

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