Tuesday, October 8, 2013

October 7, 2013

This was a crazy week. Alot happened. But at the same time, I feel like nothing happened. haha. I don't miss you guys, of course. But yeah. We FINALLY got a new investigators yesterday! After 3 weeks of not having one we prayed to God thanking him right after our Chapel tour with him. But yeah. Conference was sooooo great! I loved every second of it! I think my favorite talk was Edward Dube. He was the one that talked about learning from the past, not living in it. Which is some I TOTALLY do! I am so bad at that! haha. But yeah.
Something cool that happened this week. On Tuesday or Wednesday Sister Webb and I were tracting in a neighbor that we felt was dead but we did not want to go to the other neighborhood we had planned because it was a rich neighborhood and they NEVER answer the door. It is always super frustrating, but we decided that we were jsut going to go for like 30 minutes.  So we drove over there and parked. It was about 7 pm so the sun was setting and it was going to be dark in about 45 minutes. So we just started walking down the street. We walked around for probably 20 minutes and felt like none of the house were ready to be knocked on. We were about to turn around and go back when I got the prompting to just do more house. I looked around and just said lets do just this one more house. We walked up to the front door and knocked. We were not expecting anyone to answer at all but this lady opened the door with a smile on her face. We said hello and she said I was almost baptized. We brushed it off assuming that she meant in the catholic religion and asked if she had ever heard of our church before. She said yes, I was almost baptized, into your church, the mormon church. It was SO weird! She took the discussions down in Venezula. What are the chances of that? She knows EVERYTHING! She's read the while Book of Mormon, Doctrine and covenants, and pearl of great price and knows that they are true. Her only problem is the priesthood. We were so excited to meet, thinking that she was going to an investigator, but when we asked if we could come back and teach her she said no. She did not want to talk religion. She is so ready but I am not her missionary. But how crazy is that?! The only house we knocked on! We were the first people to contact her from the church in the US? So cool.
Well that's all the exciting stuff that happened this week. Tell Aaron and Dilene Pulsipher THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH FOR THE PACKAGES! I was so happy to get them! I am eating all of the candy and snacks like crazy. I really loved the pictures I got too! Thank you so much!
Have a great week! I love you!
Sister Shaw

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