Monday, October 28, 2013

Week 9 and week 10..........

Week 10......

It has been another happy week in Mason Ohio. To answer your question, no I haven't gotten my package yet but I should be getting it tomorrow. When packages get sent to the mission office they don't forward them so I have to wait until I see Presdient and Sister Porter who are gonna bring them to our zone conference tomorrow. I am super excited for zone conference. It is gonna be so great. You can maybe find some pictures of me this week mom :) I cccaaannnn go shopping but I probably wont. You can just buy a size ten in shoes and I can just wear alot of socks if they don't fit :) Theres not enough time to go shopping especially since we volunteer for 2 hours p-day. But yeah... Keep an eye out for cute head wear. I need stuff that'll keep my head warm.... But I don't know if I can wear beanies. But if you find one, send it just incase. It was cold last week.. like high of 41 but it is suppose to nice this week and then cold after that. So one more week of nice weather. But yeah. Everything is going well here. I think like 3 appointments got cancelled last week because 3 different investigators were sick. The flu is going around... I really hope I don't get sick. I would die. Blah. It's not gonna happen. But yeah. Our investigators are growing so much. We still have Sierra on date for November 23 but I will let you know next week if she is. Then we have Atsushi. The Japanese guy and we had a really great lesson with him last night. We talked about the Savior and his life on earth. It was so great! The spirit was so strong. Then we had great lessons with Sarah, Bekah, an dSherry. They are all so great. I'll let you know if anything exciting happens. They just all still want to learn more about the church which is ALWAYS a great thing :)
This was a good week though :) I think I am adjusting well to missionary life. It is fun and I can't imagine being anywhere else. I feel a need to be here. I have learned so much since being out here though. I have really learned the importance of having a Christ centered life. He needs to be the center of everything we do. If we aren't making choices that'll make us more closer to Christ then we are moving away from him. It is so much easier to have a Christ centered life on your mission but I am going to make him the center of my life forever. I know that it'll bring blessings and I will then have a Christ centered home and my family will be blessed forever :) I love you and I hope you have a great week. I don't miss you or abby or dad or anyone at all!
watch for my letter this week :)
Sister Shaw

And I accidentally posted the wrong letter from last here it goes week was a good one check it out........

Holy Cow it has been a great week! So many things have happened that I am going to go by days. So last monday...
We got a new investigator. Great way to start off the week. We found her last week while we were out tracting and made an appointment with her. She use to be married to a member but he passed away a while ago and her 2 oldest kids are both baptized. She is super sweet and our lesson with her went really well. I think she is more ready for this than she thinks.
Tuesday... Was CRAZY!! So this is a really cool miracle. So Sister Webb and I were having a rough morning. Nothing seemed to be going our way. We got out of the apartment an HOUR after we planned because we forgot to make cookies for the less actives we were trying to go see. So we were already an hour behind schedule when we got a text from the member that we were going to do service for saying that she was sick (She's pregnant and due in 3 weeks) so that just added to our frustration. So we were walking down the street between less actives and I dropped the bag of cookies and sister webb stepped on the bag to cookies and we picked them up and we were just like this is what our day has been like! Not very happy at all. So we went to the less actives and they didn't answer... like always... So we went to a potential investigators who we knew wasn't going to be home so then we decided to head out down to the last less actives house so we could just get out of that area and firgure out something else out to do. On our way down to the less actives house we passed a lady taking her trash out and getting the mail. Sister Webb gave her a pass a long card and asked if she had a belief in Jesus Christ. She said yes and that she was baptized when she was 16 in Texas. She then told us that she had been praying for help and we came along. She introduced us to her daughter who asked us if she could be baptized!! CRAZY!!!! Best day ever! such a miracle. Well. We met with them last night and her daughter, Sierra, said she'd work to be baptized on Saturday November 23! CRAZY! They also told us we were their angels. So sweet.
Wednesday we had a really good lesson with our investigator Sara
Thursday was a normal day. Tracting alot.
Friday We got a new investigator Bekah. She's from Wako texas... We are pretty sure she is FLDS... So we have another lesson with her tonight so we will see how that goes... We don't really know what to do... Her mom was excommunicated from that church when Bekah was nine because she was scheduled to be married and her mom stopped it. So Bekah has had a REALLY rough past.
Saturday we had a crazy lesson with Atsushi. The members that came with us totally took over and it all went south from there.
But yeah. It was a great week. I still haven't gotten the CDs. Hopefully today. Only got a letter from you this week mom and it MADE my week. I had a couple sad dream that everyone was glad I was on a mission because they didn't have to deal with me. But yeah. Just tell Elder Pumphrey that the more you think about home the more you will lose the work. Get the members excited about the work. Start a 40 day fast in the ward where one family a day fasts for missionary work. Our ward did that and miracles are popping up like crazy!
WEll.. Sorry no pictures this week. TWO MONTHS though! It has gone by so slow and yet soooo fast!
Have a great week! I love you and don't miss you at all!

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