Wednesday, October 2, 2013

September 30th Letter

Hey mama!
so great to hear from you :) The members in Mason are so great. I love
everyone. My favorite family so far are the Hondas. They are HILARIOUS! The
parents are Puerto Rico and they are so funny. We had dinner with them
yesterday and they fed us fish and guess what... I LOVED it! First for
everything right?! :) haha. But yeah. I'm glad this week went well. Mine
was alright. The work is not moving too fast in Mason. We have a couple
investigators but we didn't get 1 this week. That was really hard on me and
I am trying really hard to not get discouraged. I think we figured out the
tool though. The youth! They love missionaries, and the work and
they invite their friends to everything so we are gonna try getting the
youth more involved with us. :)
We don't have family Home Evening and we aren't allowed to go to members
homes on monday nights so I don't have it but I'm looking forward to having
it when I get back :)
Are you guys excited for general conference!? I am! I cannot wait. I have 5
questions that I am taking to conference and I have been praying for an
answer for the last 2 weeks so I hope they get answered :) I am nervous
though. I keep getting the prompting to listen to the Prophet and do
whatever he says, so we will how this weekend goes. Hopefully it is nothing
too crazy! :)
You don't need to worry about a sweatshirt. I found a running sweatshirt at
Walmart today that was on sale so yeah. But any music will do. Any all
church music. Sister Webb has 4 CDs but they are getting kinda old now so
whateever works for you mama. :)
Well. I hoipe you have a fantasic week. I love you and all my family. I
pray for each indiviually every morning and night. I don't miss of at all
of course! Tell abby I'm gonna write her back today! Oh and I got your
package! I loved it THANK YOU! The pretzel chips are super yummy! So is
everything else :)
Love you,
Sister Shaw

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