Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Week 9!

HEY HEY! :) Another great week in the GREAT cincinnati ohio mission!
So before I get to anything exciting... I have to tell you something funny that happened on tuesday. So I told you how Sister Webb totally ate it on monday while we were running... Well, the next day we were running and in the EXACT same spot... I ate it! It was soooo funny. We have been laughing about it all week and telling everyone and NO ONE thinks it's funny. I guess Sister Webb and I have gotten use to that because no one ever thinks what we have to say is funny. At least we think we are funny. Well to make the situation more funny, we have the exact same scrape too! Hopefully I can get the picture from Sister Webb. 
But yeah. I got your halloween package last monday. Thank you so much! I loved it! We are gonna put the stickers on our window today hopefully! :) Well... Nothing actually exciting happened this week... Sorry... We are still having a hard time with Elijah and his family. we had two appointment this week with them and they totally ignored us both times. I could hear them inside. It took everything in me to not just run in there. They drive me crazy sometimes but the weirdest thing is... I actually like them. they are really funny and when we are together we can feel the spirit and laugh. They are just really really flaky people. super frustrating. But it's ok because we had an amazing lesson with Atsushi! We talked to him about God and the importance of praying everyday. He has such a great desire to pray and learn. It is amazing. He is so golden. I really think that he is going to be a grat investigator because he keeps his commitments which AMAZING!!! He's awesome and we have another appointment with him on Saturday! 
Well... We are still struggling to get investigators but we fasted yesterday so we are gonna get new ones this week. We have some lessons lined up with some really solid potential investigators. 
Tell Michael I say HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I am going to try and write him a letter but I am really busy today. 
Yes I did get your package and NO I AM NOT GETTING TRANSFERED! :) I am sooo happy. I was so afraid. Actually. That is a really funny story. So we started this volunteer thing today where every monday we got to the Mason Food Pantry and stock shelves for 2 hours. So on our way there we got the transfer call. It was Elder Shirtz (The SUPER hilarious Elder in our ward) and he was like, Sister Webb you are staying and Sister Shaw you are leaving. I was freaking out and grabbed the phone and told him he was lying like 7 times and he was like nope. And you're training. I almost had a heart attack. He just started laughing and I told him I was going to kill him... I haven't changed at all! :) haha. 
Well... Thank you for being so awesome! 
I love you! 
Have a great week!
Love, Sister Shaw

Showing off there matching ouchies from falling......
A package!!!

Falling is rough....



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