Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Busy Worker Bee.....

I am doing great this week. I FINALLY pushed everything aside and pushed and now I have fully given myself to the Lord. I am even having a hard time right now writing because I feel like I am being unproductive. I have hit an extreme point but it is what I need to do get Mason moving. Mason reminds me of the rancho ward, kinda a dead area. President Porter is really counting on Sister Webb and I to get this area moving. I know I can do it but I have to fully submit myself to the Lord. It is all his will.
How is Elder Esplain doing? That is sad that Elder Pumphrey is leaving. But he'll do great. :) Maybe he'll be training! But yeah. Transfers here aren't until the week of thanksgiving so you can send the boots to my apartment because if not I won't get them until transfers and that's ONLY if Sister Webb or I are getting transfered. So yeah...
Things are going well here though. Sister Webb and I really got kicked into gear on Tuesday at zone conference. We talked to President Porter because we didn't know what to do about Mason and he said that we need to either figure it out or I am pulling you out and that scared me so bad! We have pretty much been sprinting ever since then. But we are really figuring it out.Which is why these last couple of days Satan has been working really hard on Sister Webb and I but we are not giving up. We are making it happen :) But yeah. Our investigators were all having a hard week... thank you Satan but I have no doubt that it is going to get better from here. I am so excited to tell what awesome things that are going to happen this week. I love you so much and I don't miss you at all. Thanks for all that you do :)
Sister Shaw
ps Sorry I don't have any pictures this week. You can look at the zone conference ones :)

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