Monday, November 25, 2013

Week 14......

Well.... it is transfers week and....
I AM GETTING TRANSFERED!!! I got the call this morning that I am getting transfered and that I am also training. So I going to be opening a new area with a new missionary... just in time for the holidays. It was been hard for sister webb and I. We have both been crying. Sister Webb is one of my best friends now. I really really don't want to leave her but the Lord needs me somewhere else. I am soooo nervous. I am actually completely freaking out. I wish I could explain to you how inadequate I feel to be in this position. There are lots of sisters that have been out longer than I have that aren't getting transfered or training. I guess God knows I can handle it.
But anyway. This was a good week again. I went on an exchange to hamilton on wednesday. That was fun. I was in a threesome for the first time. I was with Sister Beeson (She came out with me but she is a visa waiter.) and Sister Origer (She came out the transfer before me). I love them both. Sister Beeson and I decided that we are going on a study of broad together to Europe, fall 2015. So Ill be saving for that when I get home :) That was pretty much the only thing that happened this week. We didn't meet with Sierra or Sherry this week. But we are going to stop by them tonight since I am leaving and I can get some pictures with them and say goodbye. I feel so rushed. I just want to say goodbye to everyone here. I love this ward. I am very said to leave it.
Wish me luck this next week. And write me letters. I didn't get any letters this last week so that made it hard. Ill be sending you my new address tomorrow on my letters this. I love you all and I hope you all have a fantastic week.
Oh and yes I got the warm package. I loved it. The dancing turkey is sooo great. He sits on my study desk. I named him Jerry. I love the head band too. So cute! Perfect timing too! It has been 22 degrees here for like the past 2 days. Not fun. But yeah. Those tights are AWESOME too! I love them! :)
I love you

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