Monday, November 18, 2013

Week 13!!

Hey hey!
Yes I did receive my boots. I loved them. They are GREAT!!! I wear them everyday. :) They fit!
Yesterday was pretty freaky for me. We had tornado warnings all day and we were at a members home around 6 and the tornado sirens went off so we had to go down to the basement. Nothing happened thank goodness but I was totally freaked out! haha. Oh well. It was cool. I survived my first almost tornado.
This has been a super hard week. Our knees pretty much got taken out by Satan. We basically only have one investigator as of right now because the rest of them won't talk to us. Sierra is off date, Sarah dropped us, Sherry disappeared (Maybe in the hospital), Bekah is still super sick with lupis and has memory loss, and Hillary disappeared also. Our only investigator is Lois Watson right now and she is totally awesome. She is so sweet and she is ready to read the book of mormon on a spiritual level (She has read it before). She also said that she would be baptized if she came to know it was true! Super awesome :) But yeah. It is going to be a week of finding and helping Lois. We aren't leaving our other investigators alone quiet yet. Especially Sierra.
I know Bubba. I didn't know he went on a mission.. He graduated the same year as me but from Great oak. Last I heard about it he was in San Franscico?
Im glad you are excited for thanksgiving. Transfers are the tuesday before thanksgiving so I don't even know if I will be here. I could be somewhere else. That'll be interesting. For christmas all I really want are garments. Ill send you my size in my letter :) haha.
Sorry this is so short. I have pictures this week though :) Hopefully Ill have time to send them!
I love you!
SIster Shaw

First snow of the year!!

McDonalds for LUNCH!!!

Deer in the middle of someone's yard while tracting.....

Getting ready for winter...NEW boots!!

They FIT!! Thank goodness for online shopping and a sister with the same size foot!!
 The Sister Webb only had three legs!

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