Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Work work work

Hello again :)
I hope you had a fantastic week. I love to hear from you guys. I want to let you know that I was not transferred. Sister Hall was not either. It weird that since I am a trainer the fact that we weren't at transfers made me soooo happy. that means that the Lord still has work for me to do for her and that he is pleased with what I am doing. I am still really working on trying to help her grow but man. If you all could see her progression. Man. She has grown so much in these last 6 weeks. It is crazy.
But yeah. this was a good week, even though the beginning of the week was SUPER cold. We still found a new investigator. Well... kinda. He was just interested in Sister Hall and I... not really the gospel so we weren't allowed to go back... but hey. Stuff like that happens I guess haha.
Things in Kettering are going great though. We are really trying to get everyone in this ward excited about missionary work and trying to help everyone be fully active. I read a talk the other day called, To the Rescue by President Thomas S Monson. It was such a good talk. I definitely think you all should read it. I am not going to tell you about it so you will have to read it hahaha :)
Well. Zoye is still on date for February 15. She is doing well. It is exhausting to teacher her though haha. My brain hurts afterwards. We had to explain to her who Satan was, that is how little of a background she has. It is difficult but kinda fun at the same time. It is definitely work though.
But I learned something this week. From this week I really learned that work is soooo important. Nothing happens if we don't work. We talked about work at church yesterday and it really made me realize how much work being a missionary can be. It can be hard but the reward is sooo great. I am just so grateful for the blessings for all of the hard work we put in. I have really noticed that I have a lot of work to be doing. I don't have time to not focus on that work. The more I want to work, the more fun being a missionary becomes.
I hope you all have a great week and that you all keep working hard. I love you. I don't miss you at all.
Sister Shaw
sorry no pictures this week

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