Monday, February 24, 2014


WOW! I hit my 6 month mark this week! HOLY COW! And better yet, this has been the best week of my mission. :)
So I have my new companion, Sister Anderson. She has been out for 3 months (She came out with Sister Hall) so yes hat still makes me the senior companion. I was so close. Almost made it back to junior companion. But anyways. Sister Anderson is from Salt Lake City, She is 22, and she goes to BYU. She is so sweet and I just adore her. She is such a hard worker and just wants to do everything right and have success. Which is part of the reason why we had so much success.
So this week, we found 2 new investigators. They are a couple and they have 2 boys and one on the way. They are such a funny couple and family. They didn't make it to church this week because she didn't have a skirt so we got one for her. She is running out of excuses :)
But we also have the most lessons with investigators that I have ever had. It is awesome. Sister Anderson is awesome and makes it happen. I am learning so much from her.
I think the best part of this week though was that President Porter randomly showed up at our apartment during weekly planning and took us to chipotle for lunch. It was awesome. It made me so happy. He interviewed us both and he gave me some really great advice that I think really helped me this week.
Well... I hope you all had a good week but I am sorry to say that it couldn't have beat mine. I love you and I hope you all find people to invite to take the missionary discussions. It is ALL in the invitation.
Sister Shaw

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