Monday, April 14, 2014

Better week!!

Wow. this was a much better week! I think I am just going to have to stop saying whether they are good or bad because each week it flips haha.
But this was definitely our finding week. We found 6 new investigators! That has never happened to me before! It was so incredible.  WE were having a really hard time with it but now we are doing great. It is awesome.
but yeah. that is pretty much the only thing that is going on right now. This week was fun. Our car was in the shop for 3 days so our ward mission leader let us borrow some bikes. Yes! Sister Anderson and I rode bikes! It was awesome!
sorry this is going to be a short email. We are hoping to have a good week this week. I hope you all do the same. I am praying for you guys.
We met A LOT of crazy people this week. 2 Bible basher. One was this lady that we started talking to while we were walking around. She was going to the library and she was telling us how we need to not shove our religion down people's throats, I then told her we were Mormon and not who she thought we were. she then said we were closed-mined, so we asked her to read the Book of Mormon and she won't. Who's closed-minded now? haha :) We also met this British guy that said Joseph Smith was an alcoholic. That statement was really confusing to me. I tried not laugh right away. So yeah. good ol' Ohio. It is always a good time here :) haha.
hope you all have a great week!
I love ya!

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