Wednesday, May 7, 2014


This has been another hard working week. I guess every week is a hard working week though haha. :) We had a lot of success this week though. Sister Anderson is just such a hard worker so it helps me want to do the same.
We found a lot this week, and we taught a lot this week. We just did a lot this week. It was fantastic. I am happy and satisfied with my work so I know the Lord is also. That is an incredible feeling :)
We are still working a lot of investigators and trying to get them to come to church. We haven't had too much success with all of that but hey. If I am trying my best, I will have the grace of the Lord. :)
This week I have really been working on the importance of the Book of Mormon. We have these DVDs of our mission President going through the first couple of verses in the Book of Mormon and how much they have to offer. It is INSANE! I love it. So I have been reading the book of Mormon and asking myself after every verse, why did Mormon put that scripture in the Book of Mormon for me? What does this verse have to offer me. So I am just going to say that... that has been incredible help! :)
Well... other than that... transfers are next week so send letters to the mission office :) Don't know if I will be staying or going :) I have only been here for 6 months :)
love you!
Sister Shaw

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