Monday, May 12, 2014


So... Yes. I am getting Transferred! I am so sad to leave Kettering. This feels like my home. I don't know how to do missionary work without it. :( But it is going to be a good adventure.
Well. In other news. I had a good week :) We FINALLY reached double digit member presents. haha. yup 10 member presents this week. It was awesome. We also got 2 of our investigators to church this week. One is this guy who has been coming for a month now. That is always a good thing :) and then the other is a kid who is 15. He walked to church and then after 20 minutes he left because the talks inspired him to go do something nice for his mom. It was cool to see that church inspired him to do something. He promised also that he would stay the whole time this next week. But yeah. Our investigators are awesome and I am sad to leave them. :(
Well. I hope you all have a good week. We will see what is going to happen next week! :)
Sister Shaw
p.s. I am dying my hair dark today. Hopefully it turns out :)

Sister side note.......Yesterday we got to skype with Sister Shaw.  She looks so happy and is truly enjoying her mission! She thanks everyone for the prayers on her behalf and all the support she has been given.  She sends her love to everyone!!

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