Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Death Bed

Hello again from Beautiful Cincinnati! :)
So... the reason I called this letter Death is because.... Get ready for this.... I thought I was going to DIE! Sister Fausett and I got FOOD POISONING! FOR 5 DAYS!!! We were out from Tuesday to Friday and had our first full day back yesterday. Holy cow it was awful. It is not fun being sick on your mission. My diet this week has been crackers, Gatorade, and tortillas. (Sorry I had to buy all of that on my personal card) haha. 
But yeah. I am actually grateful for this week though. I learned a lot. 
1. I learned that food poisoning is not fun
2. I learned that I can survive it.
3. I learned that I am not much of a complainer anymore... which is not perfect now but I am doing a lot less of it. 
4. I got a lot of great spiritual insight because we were inside so much. 
So I really want to tell you what all I learned this week. So I want to start off by talking about what I just finished reading in the Book of Mormon. I just finished Alma 26 and if you know what that is you know that it is the humility chapter, and when Ammon talks about how glorious it is to be an instrument of God. It was just so cool to see that Heavenly Father is allowing us to help Him. Heavenly Father can make things happen when He needs them to. I know this is true because this week we only met with one of our investigators once (yes, while we were sick...don't worry we didn't get sick on them though) and they still came to church! Heavenly Father lets us help Him so that we can gain experience. 
I also learned a lot about the first and great commandment. To love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, might, mind, and strength. Elder Holland had a talk on this from the October 2012 general conference that we watched. It was incredible and the quote that stuck out to me the most was, The greatest characteristic of LOVE is LOYALTY. That really hit me because all we have to do to show Heavenly Father, and each other that we love Him or each other is by being loyal. It was just a really great lesson I learned. 
But yeah. That was my week. Remember, that when life gives you lemons, or food poisoning, then make lemonade, or have spiritual experiences! :) haha. Have a great week! I love you all!
Sister Leslie Shaw

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