Monday, August 25, 2014

One year!!!

​This has been a week. We are working really hard and Satan has been working really hard on us. I hope that we can see a little more success next week. It has been really HOT so not very many people are out side and we are not allowed to tract so it has been... fun... ahah :) 
Well. I hit my year mark and it was CRAZY! It goes by so fast! Gosh. I just want it slow down. But yeah. This has been a week. Not much happened. We went to Stake conference though. That was fun! I got to see all of my WEST CHESTER/ MASON friends. It was AWESOME! I loved that.  People actually remembered me. I was suprised! But yeah. I have to go. Sorry this is so short. But I love you all! 
Sister Shaw

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