Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Just keep swimming......

Well, This has been a pretty weak week. haha. Funny :) 
No but really. This has been a week to remember. Not a lot happened. Satan is so real. I know because of this week. He has been working really hard. Which I though was just on me. But no. I was WAY off. Not only was my companion having a hard week, but so was most of the mission.
Our mission President sent out a voicemail yesterday telling us to keep going. It is hard right now because Satan is trying to stop us. We are doing super well I guess for how young of a mission we are. So Satan is trying to bring us down but jokes on him because we aren't going to move. 
I am so grateful to be learning all of the lessons I am learning here. I know that I am here in Cherry Grove with Sister Porter for a reason. I love this ward. I love my companion. Life is great. 
Just keep going because it is always the darkest before the light comes. :) 
Shine Bright! 
Sister Shaw

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