Friday, February 27, 2015

Great WEEK

This has been a CRAZY week. But so great.

Monday: We had a ton of snow but I got some great experience driving in it. :)

Tuesday: I had an exchange with Sister Corbridge. We had a great time here in Hebron. We came out together and it has been so much to be around her. She is an AMAZING missionary. I have learned so much from her.

Wednesday: We were still tromping through the snow to get to people's house.... They just need to shovel their driveways.... actually we just need to buy shovels so we can do it for them, great service idea right? :)

Thursday: we had a great lessons with our investigators. I am teaching the most wonderful people. I just love them.

Friday: We found a family that we are going to see tonight :)

Saturday: NUTS! It snowed SOOO much!! SO MUCH! I think they said we got 8 inches.... man. But we were not going to push our baptism back. So our investigator was baptized. Many people had to get pushed out of the snow but it happened!
Sister Syndergaard and I probably pushed like 7 cars out of the snow because they were stuck and we had to get ours several times.
it was also suppose to be our social media split... yeah.... that didn't happen... haha. At least for us. All of our plans kinda dropped out. Oh well. Next time for sure!

Sunday: Barbara is officially the newest member of the Hebron ward! So awesome! :)

Even though there was a TON of snow this week, we did it! We survived. I didn't kill us! :)

1.Barb :)
2. Barb and Brother Muse
3. sister Corbridge!

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