Monday, December 2, 2013

New Area...New ADDRESS!!!!!

Well. This has been a very interesting week. It has been really hard to get use to not being with Sister Webb. (A lot of crying on Sister Webb and I's part) I am adjusting though. I am in Kettering Ohio. My new address is
8020 valley forge dr #Q
Kettering, oh 45440
My new companion is Sister Hall. She is Idaho Falls. She turned 19 in October and graduated from high school this last year. She is the oldest of 4. 3 younger sisters. She has been adjusting well which is nice. She is a good missionary though. I am so impressed. I don't think I am going to teach her anything. (Other than the rules) she is totally pre-trained. She is pretty quiet so that is different for me because I am use to Sister Webb who talked a lot.
Kettering is an interesting little place. We got doubled in, so we took some Elders place. We are living in their old apartment which is ok. They aren't the cleanest but I was expecting worse. They left us a lot of investigators and we are trying to get a hold of all of them. But it is not easy. We have only met 1 of our 9 investigators and we commited him to be baptized on December 21. Which is soooo awesome! He really wants to do it too. I just don't even know what to do with myself. But other than Bryce we don't really know the rest of our investigators. We are going to try and meet them all this week. Hopefully we can.
But yeah. Transfers were super fun because I got to see everyone from my MTC zone. I was so happy. I miss them all! Two of the sisters in my MTC zone are now in my zone which is super cool :) But yeah. I'll writing letters this week.
Oh! Thanksgiving! Duh! haha. Thanksgiving was good. It was nice because we had a dinner lined up for us already so we just called and asked people if we could come over for an hour and introduced ourselves and stuff. The ward is so nice. Everyone loves us because we are the first set of sister missionaries that they have had for like 15 years. so they are so excited to have us.
Well. That was my week. It was good and things will hopefully improve. I don't miss you at all though. I love you! I hope you are excited for Christmas! I love the Christmas season. Oh in my package for Christmas do you want to add some stamps? :) That would be awesome! :) I am running low on US and Out of the country ones.
I hope you all have a fantastic week! Keep being awesome and moving towards the Lord. He knows what we can do. He will work with what we give him. I can see that even more now, being a trainer. President Porter was saying that being a trainer is the most important calling you can have as a missionary and it means that the Lord trusts. I can definitely see how that is true and I am so blessed to have this opportunity.
Sister Shaw

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